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Attack of the Clones :

Darth Sidious (A): The second paragraph should read: "As long as Sidious is in the Character arena, your opponent builds all cards face up." (It was printed incorrectly with "builds all units face up.") The printed wording let players mislead their opponents about the type of cards they were building. The new wording now affects both unit and Mission cards.

Sith Rising :

Aucun errata dans cette extension.

A New Hope :

Aucun errata dans cette extension.

Battle of Yavin :

Millennium Falcon (C): The type line should read: "Space - Independent Transport." (It was printed incorrectly as "Space - Independent Cruiser.")

Jedi Guardians :

Jango Fett (E): Should be Jango Fett (G).
Tyranus's Geonosis Speeder (B): Should be Tyranus's Geonosian Speeder (B).

The Empire strikes Back :

Admiral Firmus Piett (B): Play only if Admiral Firmus Piett is in your hand.
Self-Destruct: One of your units gets: "Pay 0 Force Arrow Retaliate X" until end of turn…" The Armor ability should be read as: "(If rolling dice at this unit, this unit is damaged only on a 5 or more.)". This includes:

Rogues and Scoundrels :

Lando Calrissian (F): Treat Lando Calrissian (F)'s second ability as: "TapArrow Put all face-down cards under Lando into their owner's hand."

The Phantom Menace :

Aurra Sing (B): Should be Aurra Sing (C).
Sith Infiltraitor: Should be Sith Infiltrator (B).
Anakin's Podracer: Should be Anakin's Podracer (A).
Sebulba's Podracer: Should be Sebulba's Podracer (A).

Return of the Jedi :

Aucun errata dans cette extension

Revenge of the Sith :

Spinning Slash: The card should read: "Each time that Jedi attacks this turn, when its attack ends, choose a unit in the Character arena it can attack that it hasn't attacked this turn." (The original wording is: "Each time that Jedi attacks this turn, when its attack ends, choose a unit in the Character arena it can attack but hasn't attacked this turn." This wording is changed because Spinning Slash as originally worded allows the attacking unit to repeatedly attack each unit that hasn't attacked yet. It guaranteed that the attacking unit got to roll as many dice as it needed to discard the defending unit (unless it was discarded or reduced to 0 power during its attack). It also allowed the attacking unit to do that to each unit that hadn't attacked yet. There was also the potential for an endless loop if the attacker was reduced to 0 power.


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