Turn Structure

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  • If you run out of units to put into battle during setup, you have to stop. You can't put any more units into battle, but your opponent can still continue up to 30 build points, as usual.
  • None of your units' abilities work during setup. They start working at the start of the first turn.
  • During setup, you draw a card each time you put a unit card into battle, and when you partially build a unit card at the end of setup. During your build step, you don't draw a card for building or deploying units or building or completing Missions.
  • You can't do anything with Mission cards in your hand during setup. You can't even partially build one at the end of setup. You can only put unit cards into battle and partially build one unit card at the end of setup. Space, Ground, and Character cards are unit cards.

Ready Phase

  • In the ready phase, if it matters who untaps or gains Force first, the Dark Side player goes before the Light Side player.
  • "You gain +4 Force" means that you add 4 to your current Force total. It's a one-shot effect, so you add the 4 Force only once, when you play the card or ability

Command Phase

Building Units and Mission Cards
  • During your turn, you decide the order when it comes to: (1) resolving bounties you’ve earned, (2) paying your Upkeep costs, and (3) drawing your card; these are all triggered at the start of the build step.
  • You can partially build any number of unit and Mission cards during your build step, as long as you have enough build points to put at least 1 build counter on each of them. (Each time you start to build a unit or Mission card, you must spend at least 1 build point on it.)
  • Tapped units in your build zone may still be moved to their appropriate arena during the command phase.
  • During the command phase, if you complete a unit, you do not have to move it into the appropriate arena. Similarly, if you fully build (or overbuild) your last unit during setup, you are not forced to move it into the appropriate arena.
Retreating Units
You can't retreat tapped units during the retreat step. Only untapped units can retreat, because retreating in the retreat step taps the unit. But, if a card tells you to retreat a unit, it doesn't matter whether that unit's tapped or untapped. Retreating a unit due to a card or ability doesn't tap or untap the unit.

Battle Phase

  • An attack starts at the moment you choose a defending unit. It ends after all damage prevention and triggered abilities.
  • There's a play-or-pass chance before each attack. This is the time to play cards and abilities that increase a unit's speed.
  • If your opponent doesn't have any units in an arena, you still go through each of your units in speed order. This lets you to use Bombard, Ion Cannon, and "play only when this unit would attack" abilities.
  • If a unit that has already attacked becomes untapped during its battle step, it can attack again.
  • If an attack does 2 damage to a unit and you play a card that can prevent 5 damage, the card prevents only the 2 damage. The extra damage prevention is wasted.
  • Cards and abilities that do a number of dice of damage aren't attacks. Cards and abilities that affect attacks don't affect a card or ability that does a number of dice of damage.
  • "Until end of battle" means "until the end of this turn's battle phase." Effects that last until end of battle last until the battles in all 3 arenas are over.

End of Turn

  • Deal with all abilities that say "when the battle phase ends" at end of turn. You can't play Battle cards at end of turn, but you can still play activated abilities.
  • If you run out of cards in your deck, nothing special happens. Just keep playing with what you have.
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